Description: Why hello, thanks for stopping by, you see I’ve made a decision regarding Mono and how it will be handled post release.
The game will consist of 3 stories, at launch the first story titled “I Want To Get Out” will be available to play and is the story you saw in the demo, completed.
The game will launch for 3,99 dollars with the first story, if you buy it at that price you will get all the other stories free as the game updates.

Mono is compilation of 3 short horror stories that form an underlying narrative.
Figure out the pieces to the puzzle by surviving the games and finding the passwords.
Mono will feature 3 stories, I Want To Get Out, The Monster Within, The Creator Revealed
The game will launch with the first story ready to play, with the other 2 being added in free updates later down the line.

Genre: Violent, Gore, Indie
Developer:  JeliLiam
Publisher:  JeliLiam

Release Name: Mono-PLAZA
Size: 2.5 GB
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Download: NiTROFLARE – UPLOADED – RAPiDGATOR – UploadRocket